Friday, 25 March 2016


We need a curriculum for the future not the past. Every child needs to be taught what it takes to succeed but there is a profound gap between what most young people learn in school and what they need to become brilliant learners...

The Curriculum (since all schools must become academies and the National Curriculum is gone) must focus on developing the essential skills, attributes and character that our children need to succeed and reach their potential. Of course we need knowledge and understanding but increasingly we face a series of challenges that require us to look carefully at the other skills we all need in this new conceptual age. My work in Sheffield over the last four years has shown me that we must re-imagine our classroom environments and our teaching and learning strategies and focus on core skills, character and skills like team work, problem solving and critical thinking. We face another opportunity to step forward into a curriculum for a new age. Let's take to the oars and make sure we don't go backwards instead!

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