Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Budgets are being squeezed again and schools are facing huge challenges. A colleague asked me today, how do you measure the cost of a teacher or teaching assistant against the cost of putting a targeted group of young people on the Cutlers' 'Better Learners, Better Workers' programme. 

It's a concern that schools have to make these choices but important that schools know the impact and outcomes the programme is achieving for targeted students. We have
  • increasingly targeted students from harder to reach communities and groups.
  • over 20% of the 500 students, 100 young people, on the programmes receiving pupil premium funding.
  • evaluation reports indicating improvements in confidence, communication and skills generally and indicating that employers, schools, students and parents and carers are highly positive about the impact the programmes are having.
  • anecdotal evidence from schools, employers, parents and carers about the impact of the programme on the students. 
  • students now on apprenticeships with engineering companies and the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.
  • case studies on our new website ( from students, headteachers and business champions.
  • evidence from one Sheffield Academy with the most deprived school population, which has tracked targeted students now for three years and shows improved attendance and behaviour and increased curriculum outcomes.
  • evidence from another Sheffield Academy where targeted students on the programme have won scholarships to Sheffield High School, Rugby Schoo and other high quality Post-16 provision.
  • evidence from another Sheffield Academy, with the third most deprived population, which compared targeted students attendance, behaviour and curriculum outcomes from the previous year and shows significant improvements for these students across the board.
  • evidence from another Sheffield Academy, with the fourth most deprived population, which showed targeted students on the programme transferring to apprenticeships in the engineering sector and the NHS.

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