Thursday, 2 June 2016


Looking around at the fragmented organisation, the lack of leadership, coherence and purpose all I see is that there's a distinct lack of shared purpose and vision. Leaders are pulling in different directions and individuals are reluctant to share their successes and concerns. Understandably then, leaders feel alone in their efforts to get things done and team members are frustrated about the decision-making process.

These are the symptoms of fragmented leadership. And unless these problems are addressed head-on, education and schools are going to continue to struggle to deliver excellence and equity. In my 40 years of experience with hundreds of leadership teams, I've found extraordinary practice in so many places but the majority are unintentionally shooting themselves in the foot by working at cross-purposes. The sad outcome is lost and missed opportunities and high levels of burnout and frustration. The secrets to success:
  • leaders need to unite around a shared purpose;
  • leaders need to meet regularly and see their personal involvement in these meetings as vital;
  • leaders must talk about their successes and concerns;
  • leaders must share, network and learn.
After all, ensuring the success of schools and education -- and the individuals who serve it -- is the real purpose of leadership.

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