Monday, 6 June 2016


We all want every school and every classroom to be outstanding, extraordinary, world class …but what does it take to build brilliant? The answer is leadership but we are sadly short of great leaders... 
Whether you look at politics, education or public services, great leaders are hard to find. I suppose it's due to an increasingly fragmented public services sector where management has become the toolkit and we are the managed... whether we are in school or in hospital or at work. And, before anyone says it, I know that it's not easy! But, please don't tell me that it's impossible because I have been there, seen it, done it. I have got the t-shirt and the scars! From Shakespeare at Quarry Mount Primary School in the heart of multicultural Leeds, to achieving great things with Schools Learning Together in poorly funded York, from the 'worst Education team in the country' in Leeds becoming one of the best at Education Leeds, from Hartsholme Academy in Lincoln, to Firth Park Academy and from Westfield School in Sheffield, to William Booth Primary School in Nottingham... those people who say it can't be done, aren't looking at the right things or looking in the right places!

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