Tuesday, 18 June 2013

FACT It’s your choice and there are no excuses!

"If educators invested a fraction of the energy they now spend on trying to transmit information in trying to stimulate the students' enjoyment of learning, we could achieve much better results."
FACT You are unique; brilliant, talented, gorgeous and wonderful!

And if the people around you and those you love and care for aren't telling you that on a regular basis you need to do something about it! We all need coaching and supporting to change the way we think about ourselves and recognise our potential and our talents but it’s your choice. Everything I have read over the last thirty odd years has convinced me that success is 30% coaching, teaching, mentoring and supporting and 70% hard work. A tiny proportion is genetic. Schools matter and families matter but when it comes to the crunch you matter so much more. Your attitude, your mindset, your self image and self belief are the keys to your success. So it's important that, as educators and parents and carers, we all understand that the chief impediments to learning are not cognitive. It has been shown time and time again that it isn't that our children, our young people, our students can't learn. It's that many of them aren't motivated to learn; don't want to, don't see the point and simply can't be bothered. One of our major challenges teachers face every day is to switch on what is currently switching off so many of our young people... we need to ignite the fire!  And "I’m not clever enough" is simply an excuse for the lazy and those not prepared to put in the effort… there are no excuses because attitude is the force that matters. All of us have great minds, great talents and great potential… you might not believe it yet, but understanding this means that you will be able to achieve so much more. We need to develop skills and character alongside knowledge.  Success comes down to persistence, determination and hard work supported by people who believe in you, master coaching and deliberate practice.

FACT It’s your choice and there are no excuses!

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