Thursday, 27 June 2013


We certainly live in interesting times! I know that is actually a Chinese curse, so we need to be careful as all around us we see the consequences of a deeply toxic OFSTED, a climate of fear, command and control everywhere and organisations struggling to make sense of what the middle tier looks like in this crazy fragmented educational landscape. With so much change and challenge coming from the DfE and OFSTED, with Academies and Free Schools popping up everywhere and local authorities struggling to deliver anything worthwhile schools have a unique opportunity to take the initiative and work together to create a new collaborative and cooperativevlearning agenda; one that draws on what works and the brilliant stuff happening in pockets here there and everywhere to deliver world class outcomes... whatever it takes!.

We are seeing collaboratives, federations, cooperatives and groups of schools grabbing this critically important agenda with passion, commitment, determination and energy. Schools using what works, what doesn't and bringing together the pieces of the learning jigsaw puzzle to powerfully make a difference and create a collaborative and co-operative network linking schools, colleges, universities and businesses with a shared purpose. It is great see schools creating an excellence curriculum that provides young people with the skills, character and knowledge to thrive in an increasingly conceptual age. to thrive and succeed as young adults in their communities, in work and in life in general. We all need to ensure we don't play catch up and waste resources repairing the damage poor education does.. We know how to make every child a reader, writer and counter by seven, a brilliant little learner by eleven and on a powerful academic and workplace pathway which leads to college, university and work by the time they finally leave school. Every school must connect with this agenda to ensure that we release the magic in all our little learners, whatever it takes!

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