Tuesday, 4 June 2013


It is great to know that the blog attracts such a diverse audience from around the world and that it has now attracted over 100000 visitors since it was set up two years ago...

During the last week there were nearly 2000 visitors from the United Kingdom, United States, Philipines, Indonesia, Germany, France, Russia, Malaysia, China, Japan, Poland, Romania, Australia, Canada and Netherlands. So hi, selamat pagi, vanakkam, hallo, guten tag, jo napot, zdravstvuite, preevyet, szervusz, ni hao, konnichiwa, hej, god dag, czesc, dziendobry, buna ziua, salut and bon jour.

Surprising how far the blog has reached and wonderful to know that wherever we are in the world we are not alone in our search to release the magic that exists in all our children and young people!

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