Friday, 21 June 2013


I've just got back from two great days in Guernsey working with some wonderful colleagues who are thinking about how to build world class learning and improve educational provision and outcomes for children and young people on the island. I was in a meeting of the 14-19 Curriculum Review Group yesterday with deputy headteachers from the secondary schools, colleagues from the Guernsey College of FE and colleagues from the Education Department. Secondary schools in Guernsey are small and, to achieve world-class outcomes, these colleagues are working to develop a new island-wide approach to 14-19 provision rooted in their new Guernsey vision and where they continue to work together to create a federated, collaborative and cooperative approach to school improvement and learning. There is a clear need on such a small island to share, network and learn more systematically with colleagues, to look carefully at ideas and practices across and beyond the island, and to foster a culture that has high standards and is creative, outward looking and has high expectations of everyone involved. Working together these colleagues are supporting the development of a personalised and creative curriculum that builds skills, character and knowledge using the available research and evidence and contributing to a growing and shared resource about what works to improve student outcomes. They are also looking to create an inclusive culture, which empowers individuals and groups from all social backgrounds and helps create a sense of common purpose across the schools and colleges. Interesting times!

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