Friday, 28 February 2014


I have been arguing for ever that we must create great schools at the heart of every community so that everyone can have what people have told me is simply a dream; great outcomes for every child and young person...

I know a lot of people tell me that it is impossible but I really believe that it is possible to create a GREAT SCHOOL FOR EVERYONE!
But not, as those who are passionate about Academies or Free Schools would have us believe, through takeovers and the slow demise of unpopular and unloved schools. We have to improve and develop every school and people have consistently proved it is possible… in London, in Leeds, in Nottingham, in Sheffield and in Guernsey. You can build brilliant provision through a systematic process of change driven by a relentless and uncompromising belief in people; the teams in our schools, the parents and carers they serve and the young people who lie at the end of the golden threads that connect to everything we do. This agenda isn't simply about reaching the so called 'gifted and talented' or the 'academic' but also reaching the hardest to reach and the hardest to teach. This agenda is about educational excellence and if we get it right we will achieve our dream; a great school at the heart of every community!

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