Friday, 29 April 2016


Character, skills and attributes lie at the heart of the Cutlers' 'Made in Sheffield' approach and there is a growing body of research that suggests that there are a set of 'soft' skills, attributes and character traits that, while not easy to measure, lie at the heart of success at school, at work and in life in general. 
These attributes include like confidence, responsibility, determination, communication, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and team working lie at the heart of any success: in the classroom, on the sports field, in the concert hall or in the workplace. We also recognise that literacy and numeracy are vitally important and these skills are also built into the approach which is working successfully in ten Sheffield secondary schools, and from September in schools in Barnsley, Rotherham and hopefully Doncaster, where targeted groups of young people will become 'Better Learners and Better Workers'.

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