Tuesday, 12 April 2016


We are looking to further develop an innovative employer led programme which targets, coaches, mentors and supports young people from harder to reach communities and gives them the skills needed for success in school, work and life generally.
The Cutlers' ​'Made in Sheffield' programme was developed in Sheffield by the Cutlers Company working with a small core group of schools and has expanded to reach 12 schools and colleges. The programme is looking to expand from this successful pilot in Sheffield, where we are training 500 young people, and we are currently working with employers and schools in Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham to develop the approach to become 'Better Learners, Better Workers: Made In...' which could be used anywhere across the country.

We have increasing evidence that the approach works... better attendance, better behaviour and improved outcomes and young people going into apprenticeships in the engineering and health sectors. There is increasing demand from schools for the programmes but there is also increasing pressure on budgets. Approaches like this are intensive and demand strong leadership, management and coordination and highly effective delivery teams. We need to start slowly in new areas but work quickly to create a sustainable critical mass of young people on the programmes to ensure that they remain highly effective and good value for money.

Based on our experience over the last four years and using evidence, research and feedback from employers and schools, we are currently refining the approach, sharpening the activities, updating, rewriting and developing the materials and building carefully on what works. Why not find out more and see if you want to come and join us!

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