Saturday, 16 April 2016


Four years after we pioneered and developed this work in Sheffield with the Cutlers' Company and Sheffield City Council recognising that young people need skills and attributes as well as knowledge and understanding, it is good to see that the Department for Education and OFSTED are increasingly talking about the importance of skills, character and employability within the offer we make our children and young people. 

The CBI, Chambers of Commerce and employers generally have banged on about this for ages, arguing that we need a radically different approach if we are going to prepare our young people for employability and the world of work. The recently published House of Lords Select Committee report “Overlooked and left behind” stresses that employers look for more than just qualifications in their recruits.

Employers want their employees to arrive with the skills to succeed in the workplace: confidence, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, team working, resilience, and self-management which all lie at the heart of ‘Made in Sheffield’. If you want to find out more please get in touch because 'Better Learners, Better Workers: Made in...' could be coming to a school near you!

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