Wednesday, 6 April 2016


 I visited Horizon Community College again this morning to meet Nick Bowen, the College Principal Jim Logan, Paul Bibby and Kelly Drury from the Barnsley Commissioning Group, Helen Shaw from Barnsley Council and Chris Webb from Barnsley College. We were meeting to plan how the 'Better Learners, Better Workers: Made in...' programme could develop in Barnsley. 
It was deeply encouraging to see that Nick has such a strong commitment to this aspect of the curriculum, that Jim, Paul and Kelly are so totally committed to this and that Helen was so positive since she will bring the local authority networks and contacts and the Barnsley 'I know I can' approach will enrich what we are developing. We are working to put a scheme in place that will make a real difference for a targeted group of young people and one which will enrich and develop what Horizon Community College and Barnsley Council currently offer.  Exciting times... watch this space!

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