Friday, 11 November 2016


I have been re-reading the House of Lords Select Committee report 'Overlooked and Left Behind' and it is important reading for anyone who is passionate about helping young people develop the skills and attributes needed for the world of work. 

"Employers look for more than just qualifications in their recruits. They want their employees to arrive with the skills to succeed in the workplace: communication, team working, resilience, and self-management. Many of these skills can only really be gained through experience of the world of work.

There is a pressing need for young people to be clearer about the decisions they face at an early age and the future employment options available to them as a result.

Young people need experience of the world of work and careers education in schools which is embedded into and fits alongside the curriculum and is informed by labour market information.

Experience of the world of work is essential. It helps young people to develop the attributes they need to succeed in the workplace.

The preparation of all young people for adult life and success in the workplace, however they reach it, needs to be seen as an important pillar of the education system.

Preparation for the work place needs to begin as early as possible. We recommend that the national curriculum should reflect this, and that careers education and the development of skillss should be present in or alongside the curriculum at least from Key Stage 3 (age 11–14) as well as after the age of 14."

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