Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Research clearly shows that leadership matters...
Leaders set the tone, establish the learning climate, create a culture of co-operation and collaboration between colleagues, are key to morale and job satisfaction and their actions determine the nature of the relationships in the organisation.
Someone asked me the other day what makes a good school, business or organisation. Successful organisations are happy places, healthy places, safe places, places which are rigorous in terms of their focus on standards, on tracking, on the powerful and intelligent use of data and places where every one matters and no oned gets left behind. To build brilliant places we need to continue to develop:
  • inspirational, passionate distributed leadership;
  • brilliant coaching and learning by talented and experienced colleagues;
  • a coaching and nurturing culture;
  • an engaging, powerful and stimulating offer;
  • wonderful lworking environments;
  • high expectations of colleagues;
  • positive and constructive relationships.

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