Thursday, 5 November 2015


I was at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club today with the Arts, Culture and Sports ambassadors from Firth Park Academy, Stocksbridge High School and Westfield School.

They were there for their Team-building session and the students were divided into two mixed groups to tackle a series of challenges and activities to develop their teamwork, communication, decision making, organisational skills and character.
The students also had a tour of the Sheffield Wednesday stadium looking at the history of the club, the pitch, the stands, the home team dressing room, the away team dressing room and the press room.
The students were encouraged to ask questions and think about the skills people, working for the club, need to be successful. People like the players, the manager, the medical staff, and the ground staff who all are part of a large and complex team that delivers a football team that can beat Arsenal in the cup but also a successful commercial enterprise that also supports the local community.

And finally, in one of the tasks the teams were asked to use 100 balloons and five rolls of sticky tape to create a seat capable of holding two people!
Much fun was had by all, especially at the end when they burst all the balloons and then tidied up!
This great group of students had a wonderful day, thanks to Matt and the team at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

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