Monday, 2 November 2015


Welcome back after a well-deserved half-term break. Educating our children is the most important thing we do as a society since it builds the future. It creates the parents, teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, businessmen and women, nurses, designers, policemen and women, bankers, sportsmen and women, retail workers, construction workers, firefighters, artists and entrepreneurs of the future.
The future is sitting in a classroom today learning! OK as someone always points out what they are learning is different the world over, but wherever you are we need to create a culture that develops knowledge and understanding alongside character and skills. Of course it's important that students know how to read and write and calculate but they also need positive attitudes, positive behaviours and high expectations. We also need to understand that the child spends most of their time in their family and their community and we must connect our offer to understand that learning is 24x7x365.

Our greatest challenge isn't catching up with those countries that lead the world in PISA but celebrating, recognising and rewarding the ordinary colleagues in every country who are releasing an extraordinary magic with our children. We must share, network and learn from these stories and these examples and create a community of learners in learning schools and learning organisations across the world!

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