Friday, 20 November 2015


What is wrong with the NHS? 

Having spent another evening at A&E recently you realise that the vast majority of the people you meet are great; passionate, intelligent, committed and caring! It's also obvious that the systems controlling the way these people work are wrong; uncoordinated, chaotic and focused on the wrong things! What we see are not issues with failure but issues with consistency and we need to capture, celebrate and share the magic while we build trust, autonomy, high expectations and partnerships within a clear simple strategic framework.

Again it comes down to three things; learning leadership, beautiful systems and intelligent accountability! We need to create learning communities where people are trusted, constantly strive for excellence and where they share and network and learn from the things that work. This isn't rocket science and we already have a powerful evidence-based toolkit which can be used to drive change and focus resources. The challenge for politicians and those in control is to provide strategic leadership and direction and then get out of the damn way and let colleagues in the NHS deliver for their patients, their families and their communities.

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