Friday, 16 March 2012

The Characteristics of Great Leadership!

I have been searching for the things that make great leaders special and everywhere I look I find these seven characteristics. Before you look write down your seven!

These seven elements mark out the really special leaders I have worked with over the last twenty years in some great authorities where education and learning used to really matter.
  • Character: driven by values and beliefs about children and families; 
  • Competence: great at the basics and simply being there;
  • Courage: strongly committed to the things that really matter;
  • Commitment: driven by learning, high expectations and a belief that everyone can;
  • Caring: understanding that relationships, family and community matter most;
  • Communicating: open, accessible, trusting and empowering everyone to be their brilliant best;
  • Community: passionately committed to those they really serve.
How many did you get and what did I leave out?
Please let me know.

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