Friday, 30 March 2012

What are the ingredients of resilience?

All children have abilities and strengths that can help them cope with everyday life. We can develop a young person's resilience by paying attention to those strengths and building on them.
Research suggests that there are seven essential components, all interrelated.
  • Character - a fundamental sense of right and wrong that helps children make wise choices, contribute to the world, and become stable adults. 
  • Competence - the ability to handle situations effectively. 
  • Confidence - the solid belief in one's own abilities. 
  • Connection - close ties to family, friends, school, and community give children a sense of security and values that prevent them from seeking destructive alternatives to love and attention. 
  • Contribution - when children realize that the world is a better place because they are in it, they will take actions and make choices that improve the world. They will also develop a sense of purpose to carry them through future challenges. 
  • Coping - children who learn to cope effectively with stress are better prepared to overcome life's challenges. 
  • Control - when children realise that they can control their decisions and actions, they're more likely to know that they have what it takes to bounce back.

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