Monday, 17 January 2011

Blue Monday!

So how did you cope with Blue Monday...

Research suggests that today was most depressing day of the year!  Thankfully it's over but for some reason today, the third Monday in the New Year, is the most miserable day of the year, triggered apparently by bad weather, money worries and failed resolutions. I know it's dark and miserable, the traffic is horrendous, people drive so badly and we all get so cross with each other... and perhaps it was a depressing start to the week!

However, these are some of the things you can do to lift your mood:
Give to your favourite charity
Love your family and friends
Drink coffee
Stretch and exercise
Eat dark chocolate
Give flowers
Write a blog!

I am in Leeds on Tuesday afternoon so if you are anywhere near Costa Coffee at 2.30 I'll be there.
It would be great to catch up and see who is reading the blog!

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