Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The School I'd Like!

It doesn't seem ten years since the Guardian produced that wonderful publication...

Ten years ago the Guardian ran a  called 'the school I'd like'. Primary children and secondary students were asked to design the school of their dreams. They got over 15000 responses which makes it one of the largest informal surveys of children's attitudes towards schooling ever conducted in this country. The result was The Children's Manifesto of 2001 which was a wonderful collection of dreams and a challenge to all of us to build brilliant!

Now the Guardian is doing it again and want to ask young people some questions... 
  • Is your school just as you'd like it to be? 
  • Or are there things you would change? 
  • Is the building right? 
  • Should you sit exams? 
  • Are you allowed to express yourself? 
  • Are your lessons interesting? 
They want to listen to all young people's comments and hope schools and parents and carers and young people themselves will email them to school.i'd.like@guardian.co.uk, giving the child's full name, age, year, school, and a contact phone number. The deadline is 18 February. 

The Guardian will publish some of the comments and use all of them to inform and guide the new manifesto. Some young people who send in the most imaginative and exciting ideas will be asked to join the Guardian's special Children's Manifesto panel, helping to sift through the submissions to turn them into the new manifesto.

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