Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Dirk and David

I was also able to catch up with my two closest colleagues, Dirk Gilleard and David Dickinson, who I was pleased to see are still gallantly flying the flag and staying true to the Education Leeds coaching philosophy...

"We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, 
is not an act but a habit."

We caught up at the end of the day over coffee at Caffe Nero, which does really great Italian coffee. Dirk and David are such great team players and it was wonderful to just listen to their stories; about how things are going, how the new term had started, how the publication of the GCSE results had gone, how the handover went at this year's North of England Education Conference in Blackpool, how the Education Leeds Board meeting had gone and how this week's headteacher breakfast had gone with the headteachers from the Elmet Family of Schools. It was also good to hear how my friends and colleagues were coping with the changes they are facing and how the new arrangements are being developed. I need to make sure that I do this on a regular basis; to keep in touch and to maintain contact with the team.

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