Monday, 24 January 2011

Discipline, focus and hard work!

Michael Gove is of course right about the importance of discipline,focus, hard work and creating a culture of excellence... 

He's wrong however to root this in a curriculum that belongs to the 1800's not the 21st century. We need to see learning as three distinct and critical stages: the early years from birth to seven, the middle years from seven to fourteen and the pathway years from fourteen to nineteen and we need to very clearly describe what these phases of education and learning are expected to achieve. We need particularly to focus on the basics in the early years so that we improve parenting, develop aspiration and ensure that every child reads, can counts and becomes a brilliant little learner before they enter the middle years. In the middle years we need to inspire young people to see themselves as powerful learners who can achieve and be successful. In the pathway years we need to develop pathways for our young learners that lead to academic and vocational success and the world of work.

Interestingly, today the outgoing boss of the Confederation of British Industry has said that the Government has "failed to articulate in big picture terms its vision of what the UK economy might become under its stewardship," and what is becoming increasingly obvious is that they are also failing to clearly articulate a compelling, authentic and modern vision for our schools and the curriculum they should teach.

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