Friday, 28 January 2011

Seeking Excellence!

I was at the RSA Academy in Tipton in the West Midlands today...

I was attending The Pacific Institute's "Seeking Excellence"; Organisational Culture Securing Success conference. The conference was aimed at principals and headteachers at Academies and Training Schools across the country. It was based at the RSA Academy because they are using Investment in Excellence, The Pacific Institute's flagship programme, to embed cultural change with every member of the staff team going through the four day programme. The day had inputs from Michael Gernon, Neil Straker, Martin Vaughan and I. 

Michael Gernon is the inspirational principal of the RSA Academy who talked about how he has secured success at the academy through a constructive culture and through working with The Pacific Institute. Neil Straker, who leads The Pacific Institute in the UK, talked about The Pacific Institute's programmes and the importance of the work on leadership, culture and performance. Martin Vaughan talked about the five businesses he has led where he has used The Pacific Institute's programmes to drive cultural change and improved performance. I talked about the story of and the successes of Education Leeds and the brilliant work colleagues have done with parents using the STEPS programme.

It was certainly an interesting day and the RSA Academy is a simply outstanding learning place and worth another visit when the students are on site.

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