Thursday, 6 January 2011


I spent the morning at the Queen's Hotel in Leeds...

"Whether they burst with excitement or simmer quietly, when you are in the presence of enthusiastic people, you feel happier and more excited about your life, perhaps you even feel inspired."

It was strange going back to Leeds this morning, not as Chief Executive of Education Leeds but simply, to see my colleague Neil Straker, who heads up The Pacific Institute here in the UK. Neil and I were talking about opportunities for me to work with The Pacific Institute to continue releasing the magic with young people, parents and carers and learning institutions.

It was a great meeting Neil and, the more I meet brilliant colleagues, the more I realise that there are opportunities for talented people everywhere despite the doom and gloom, the VAT increase and the weather. We simply need to help people to change their attitude and work to create passionate and compassionate organisations.
So watch this space!
Keep the faith!

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