Monday, 25 November 2013


I started the day at Bradfield School again this morning.

I had an interesting meeting at Bradfield with David Conway and Donna where I outlined the fact that the pilot phase was ending and we wanted to review, evaluate and further develop the work we have been doing. We wanted headteachers strategic overview and to know how the schools see the future for the programme, how we can make it sustainable and how we might continue to fund developments alongside the maintenance of the elements schools value and want to keep.

Bradfield has had some amazing young people on the programme and David Conway stressed the academic nature of his population and the need to focus the curriculum on preparing for A-Levels and university. All the Bradfield students are following three sciences at GCSE and English Literature and the school develops the 'Made in Sheffield' skills through a project approach. This enables all curriculum areas to make significant contributions towards the STEM agenda and facilitates the development of:
  • "Problem solving skills
  • Initiative
  • Divergent and innovative thought
  • Teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • Independent work and learning
  • Enterprise and economic awareness
  • Use of modern technologies and information storage, retrieval and use
  • Awareness of the social and environmental impact of current and future technologies."
Great place to be developing the Cutlers "Made in Sheffield' initiative!

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