Wednesday, 20 November 2013


I  have become obsessed by the fact that 60% of men and 50% of women in this country are overweight and an increasing proportion are obese.

It isn't hard to believe if you look around and see just how many of our fellow human beings are struggling with their weight. The bookshops are full of diet books which are best sellers and the gyms are full of people fighting their flab! Personally, I joined a gym again recently and the calorie counter on the machines is simply scary. It's difficult to believe that:
  • 15 minutes lifting weights equals the 100 calories in one small milky coffee;
  • 75 minutes of stretching equals the 220 calories in a small chocolate bar;
  • 15 minutes on the stairclimber equals the 129 calories in a can of coke;
  • 30 minutes running on the treadmill at 10kmph equals the 400 calories in one blueberry muffin;
  • 50 minutes on indoor rower equals the 450 calories in a large slice of cheesecake;
  • 19 minutes on elliptical trainer equals the 95 calories in a medium size banana;
  • 30 minutes of aerobics equals the 163 calories in a small pack of raisins;
  • 10 minutes on the exercise bike equals the 55 calories in a low-fat fruit yoghurt.
Scary stuff really and it just goes to prove that we are what we eat!

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