Thursday, 28 November 2013


I have always thought that being a brilliant teacher is a lot like being a brilliant gardener.

Gardening and teaching have so much in common. Great gardeners and teachers need to be optimistic, patient and see the potential in young things and enjoy watching them grow, develop and blossom. They give special care to those young things that are struggling and not thriving. They don’t blame the young thing when they are not performing well; they check the growing conditions. Gardeners and teachers need to be problem solvers, but also realise that sometimes, whatever they do, some young things will not grow! Great gardeners and teachers also know the importance of taking care of themselves. They pace themselves so they won’t overdo it and seek relief from burning out. Great gardeners and teachers realise that their passion is not all work and no play; they take the time to enjoy the small pleasures along the way. Great gardeners and teachers enjoy sharing their knowledge and helping other learn and grow. They willingly pass along tips about what works, share their ideas and pitch in when the going gets tough.

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